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Holistic Wellness Center
Holistic Wellness Center
Holistic Wellness Center
Holistic Wellness Center
The Founder
The Company

About Us

The Founder

Dr. Shola Amos, also known as Soula Ade, is a trained practitioner of Clinical Psychology and a Holistic Wellness Consultant. Her psychological knowledge and skills support her overall African-centered holistic approach to care and healing. Shola founded MBS Complete, LLC in 2020 to uplift African and Indigenous Diaspora Communities throughout the world, starting with her own local community. Her specialities are centered around relationship and love and supporting individuals in transforming through trauma.

MBS Complete is a holistic wellness establishment geared towards

combining and utilizing ancient and modern philosophies that emphasize total health of the mind, body, spirit, and soul. Through this integrated, holistic approach, the individuals, couples, and families within these communities can heal in multiple ways.

Let us support you in taking the next steps towards love, empowerment, and overall healing!

          - Shola A., PsyD, LPA

         Founder & Holistic Wellness Consultant

The Company


Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul of the Diaspora
Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Holistic Healing?

It can help with

Third Eye

Increase attention and insight around internal and external stimuli.

Wellness Optimization

Guide attention to elements of well-being that can support total wellness.


Alignment of physical and mental energy centers.


Utilization of strength based approaches that support the creation of a purposeful life.


Identify types of stress and the source of stress.

Steering Wheel Grunge
Spiritual Growth

Encourage and increase connection to a higher power or source that will enhance one's spiritual experience.


“After working with Dr. Soula, I learned about how my astrological chart ties into my strengths and weaknesses, as well as, how I experience and live my life. I have been able to create my ideal life as a spiritual and light being, it has been extremely helpful for me and helped pushed me into a new stratosphere of living!”

— Akanbi A.



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