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Unraveling the Blanket of Fear

Have you ever had an idea? Maybe a thought, a dream... but you weren’t sure if you were ready to share it? You weren’t sure if people were ready to hear what you had to say? Well, that’s me too. Actually, that is the person I've been for the past three years. I found myself questioning if the information I had to share was valuable enough for people to listen. If my writings would make sense and get across the message that was deeply emerging from my soul.

Stepping out of this box of fear I found myself trapped in for most of my life, I realized the knowledge and insights I received were not "mine" to hold onto! These were messages I had received as gifts to give other people. So, by not sharing them, I was doing more of a disservice than a service to my people. As somebody who considers themselves a healer, an artist, a woman of service, you can imagine how this realization rocked me to my core. I began to question my purpose and my spiritual gifts. I began to question my reason for pursuing a doctoral degree. Did I sign up for five (basically six) tumultuous years of graduate school just to say that I am a doctor? Or did I do choose this path to serve the women, men, families, and children who have come before me and will come after me?

As I write this blog today, I now firmly stand in alignment with the latter. There are things I must say, and there are actions I must take because of my commitment to service of humanity. That is my reason for being. I am because you are. And always will be. Ubuntu...

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